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When we have injury, trauma or repetitious motion the muscles can move to an  immovable or immobile state. They shorten and go into spasm. Weakness or disablement comes when the muscles stay in spasm. A person may find themselves in what is called a pain-spasm-pain cycle.

The body will do whatever is necessary to conserve energy. Toxins start to build up, nutrition decreases to the muscles, sometimes the nerves are squeezed which causes pain. If a muscle stays in spasm for a long time it will recruit the muscles surrounding it.

The limber up video shows how to gently extend the muscles of the body. To nurture your muscles back to health. There are six sections on the video which will take you step by step on how to increase flexibility while decreasing spasm. The first section is the trunk of the body, followed by the shoulders and chest, the hands and forearms, the lower legs and feet, the hips low back and upper legs, the neck.

There are two videos. One shows how to achieve this by yourself working on yourself. The other shows how to work with a friend. Both videos are geared towards being gentle with yourself and taking the time needed to encourage the body.

When we encourage the body it has more of a tendency to listen. 

This video came about because of challenges that I was having. After being bitten by hobo spiders. My friends asked me to show them how to work on themselves, so they could help themselves. With their assistance we were able to bring this video to others so that you too can have the ability to work on yourself or get together with a friend to help one another.  

Thank you for your interest in Limber Up. May it be a catalyst towards your healing.


Limber Up Video's 2 disc set - Purchase 1 set                                                                       (includes Limber Up by Yourself & with a Friend video's)


Limber Up video's are designed to give a person the basics on how to take care of themselves. The two disc set will show how to limber up by yourself and also how to work with a friend. 


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