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Quotes Debbie is my absolute "go to" person whenever I need help because I'm stuck, low in energy, or feel overwhelmed! Although I'm in Europe and she's in the US, we usually connect within a day or two, over the phone. When the session is over I usually feel like a new born person! Full of energy, clarity and joy. Back in the driver's seat of my life I again have the power and energy to take next steps. Sessions with Debbie are not only powerful healing experiences, they are inspiring, uplifting and always great fun. If your're stuck and want to get unstuck fast - go and see or call Debbie Cavette! Quotes
Heike Lorenz Europe heike.lorenz@bluewin.ch

Quotes I just had the pleasure of experiencing a session with Debbie. My goodness, she has an amazing ability to get to the core of the matter FAST, as if she's reading in the archives of my beliefs! And her sense of humor had me laughing so much; that is a healing in and of itself. Her energy is also very caring and gentle, creating an instant feeling of safety in which I could let go and surrender. I felt deep shifts taking place and am so relieved to have these hidden beliefs, which were in my way, released and updated. I am looking forward to my next session with Debbie! Quotes
Tina van Leuven

Quotes Debbie is one of the most profoundly intuitive healers I have ever worked with. Many have tried to tackle the issues that Debbie so easily and elegantly resolved and cleared in me in next to no time. The work that she has done on me has affected all aspects of my life in a wonderfully dynamic way. I am so fortunate and blessed to have experienced Debbie?s healing. Thank you with all my heart. Quotes
Pauline Longdon,

Quotes Debbie is an amazing, intuitive being. She has an in depth understanding of the body paired with a broad concept of what energetic healing can provide. She's all about miracles and opening the heart to self-healing. I absolutely love her and her work. Quotes
Terrie Burns
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