What People Are Saying

Quotes Debbie is the most loving therapist I know. Any issue I have, how much terrible belief system I have, she accept me with compassion, without judging. She resolve the issue the most effective way yet the gentlest way. Quotes
Naoko Hawaii USA

Quotes Wonderful!!!!! So glad to be done w a lot of my bull s***... u have removed a lot of barriers.. thank u Quotes
Rebecca California USA

Quotes Working with you is "literally" one of the best things happened for me in my life.  Each and every session I had with you was "real healing" experience. In one single session with you I got healed from serious emotional difficulties.  In just one single session I got healed from physical pain and fatigue that I suffered for almost 10 years. In another one session some fog moved away from my mind and I could think clearly again. On spiritual level, I also experienced miracle healing.  I am a better person now, more loving, more trusting, more compassionate, and more open for new opportunities. The most wonderful thing about your healing sessions is that Creator joins us in. I would describe my phone calls with you like a guy trying to get out from a dark tunnel and on the other side of the phone there was a 911 rescue woman showing him the way out.  And I did got out from that tunnel safely. When I say that working with you have saved my life I am not exaggerating. Quotes
Saad North Africa

Quotes What I learned from my friend Debbie to find, love & honor my Inner Child and to remember to Play. Often. To love this work without getting too serious about it. If it isn't bringing Joy to my life, it isn't working. Quotes
Dorothy Joy is the Journey Therapies Utah USA

Quotes Working with Debbie has been a HUGE blessing. She's very efficient and effective, as well ad deeply compassionate and insightful. I get more accomplished in a half an hour with her than I have in repeated sessions with other healers. Quotes
Beth New York USA

Quotes WEEEEE!!! The Little Kid in ME! You have given me the ability to be kind to myself and respect the choices of others. Quotes
Kimberly California USA

Quotes Debbie has assisted me in changing and healing many physical and emotional issues in my life with her vast knowledge and wonderful intuitive sense. Her passion for helping others with healing is inspiring. Quotes
Melanie Idaho USA

Quotes Debbie,  you are an inspired healer full of love, caring, and compassion.  Being with you is always a blessing.  Love you, Quotes
Eileen Oregon USA

Quotes The fact that you will just call when I send my distress signal out and you talk me through scenarios and walk me through Theta, etc. has been such a blessing and made me feel like I have so much support.  I know I'm never alone, but having you right there is huge!  You pretty much know just what to say to me at any given time as well.  You never fail to show me the good in everything.  You even helped me to appreciate sleepless nights with my little ones.  Thank you for your love and perspective and amazing timing!  You are so gifted!  Thank you for sharing it all! Love you much sweet friend! Quotes
Windy Oregon USA

Quotes Of the many people that have worked with me over the years, Debbie has one of the clearest communications with the body that I've ever experienced.  She has deep knowledge and knowing  and can communicate directly with one's energetic matrix.  She encourages and stabilizes a strong partnership between body and being.  I highly recommend her! Quotes
Terrie Burns Spiritual Catalyst & Intuitve Adviser