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Quotes Debbie has a good sense of tracking to the bottom of things. Her genuine concern for your wellbeing is refreshing to work with. She has helped me move on from a stuck place numerous times and helped to create new space to choose from. Quotes
Gigi New Mexico USA

Quotes Debbie has helped my cat, Ruskin, immensely, and from a distance. My cat was nervous, and throwing up frequently. Debbie checked in with her, worked with her fear of abandonment, being left and survival issues, as well as being safe around new people and allowing them to help her. I travel a lot and she is an indoor cat. I recently was away for 11 days and her caregivers reported that she was calm, eating well and was more affectionate with them. Ruskin was very glad to see me when I returned (as usual). I also talk to her and reassure her that I will always come back! But Debbie's work was the key in her happier adjustment to my traveling. I highly recommend Debbie. And I'm grateful for her help. Ruskin and I are both happier and more content these days. Kay Porter, Ph.D. Quotes
Kay Porter Ph.D. Oregon USA

Quotes Debbie is an amazingly compassionate and intuitive healer. An old soul, her experience and depth of practice allow her to access and address any physical or emotional issue. She is able to combine modalities to offer the absolute best, tailored experience to each person. She inspires and facilitates powerful transformation -- I couldn't recommend her more. I believe anyone could benefit from her deep and meticulous body work, even if they were not specifically seeking a healing session. <3 and Light, Beautiful! xo Quotes
Libby Colorado USA

Quotes Debbie is inspirational, enlightening, energetic, and motivating! she is someone you should go out of your way to meet. It is life changing, but for the best. I had the chance to and it was amazing! Thank you Debbie , awe-inspired, Quotes
MaryAnne Idaho USA

Quotes I got a lot of great information. Very inspiring. Full of good energy, and love. Quotes
Josie Idaho USA

Quotes Besides of getting rid of some realy realy old and blocking things you helped me see a light at the end of the tunnel and gave me a hand to get back up and kick some ... ;) hoooooooolllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy cow ;)  Thanks for everything Quotes
Emil Switzerland

Quotes I have found Debbie to be a natural, authentic and gifted healer. She helped me to gain clarity and control my negative self-talk. Her organic healing style makes it comfortable to open up and get to the real, deeper level of what is causing the issue in the first place. I must say, my life is richer for having worked with Debbie and have no hesitation in recommending her to my friends. I am in Australia so distance is no excuse! Debbie walks her talk with integrity and conviction, which is hard to find these days in healers. After working with Debbie, you won't ever be the same again... Which is a very good thing! Quotes
Pauline Longdon, Copywriter and Marketing Strategist Australia

Quotes Debbie brings back the FUN that's been forgotten under your layers of responsibility and adulthood. To remember her brings smiles to my outlook...8:) Quotes
Ruth Idaho USA

Quotes What I got from working with you : * Clarity as deeply unconscious beliefs came up for release so able to move on * Feeling very supported by your gentle and loving Presence * Feeling re-aligned That's just a few things;) Quotes
Tina Perth Australia

Quotes Youthful, vibrant energy with the compassion to help others. Quotes
Jen Utah USA
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