Wed. 5/23 3:00 PM Know Yourself Series - Intuitive Senses Intuitive Senses  Exploring your intuitive gifts, what they are and how they work.  We will learn over eleven intuitive gifts that are a part of our natural make up. How to understand and acknowledge many of the intuitive senses, ex... more
Wed. 5/30 3:00 PM know Yourself Series - Ollie Ollie Oxen Free Ollie Ollie Oxen Free  On this evening we will spend time finding out why you made the decision to hide your true self from the world.  The child inside who was happy and full of life.  Why life became so serious and what... more
Wed. 6/6 3:00 PM Know Yourself Series - Chakra's Chakra's  Your energy centers. We all have many, many energy centers in our bodies. You may be familiar with a "gut" feeling, or feeling all choked up.  These feelings come from your energy centers.  We will explore the ce... more
Wed. 6/13 3:00 PM know Yourself Series - Aura's Auras  Yes like the chakra's we all have aura's. This is the energy field which surrounds your body and beyond. It makes it so we can feel connected to our world.  In this event we will go through recognizing and working with the a... more
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